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Rent bitcoin ATM - is the work for you of new powerful equipment around the world, cooperation with the official British company, which guarantees legal and economic protection to its customers, as well as the ability to choose their own share in cryptomats, the ability to calculate the result on the calculator. A wave of cryptographic algorithms and gold bitcoins - your profit in dollars now!

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Mother Telegram Technology Bitcoin ATM

Maximal share per 1 client up to 250000Share

1 Bitcoin = 5909.82 USD29.03.2020 08:19
100 Share = 1000 USD16.00 USD = 0.00270736 Bitcoin

Profit Calculation

Step 1: Select ATM
Cost of renting:
Term of renting:
Profit per month / Accruals:
Step 2: purchase ShareNumber of purchased Share:
30 Share
Cost of 1 Share is:
1000 USD
You get:
1  Share
Profit per month will be:
Payment amount in USD:

About us

About ATMPresentationFactory ATM

Mother Telegram Technology is an English company engaged in cryptocurrency mining. Officially registered in the UK since August 2019, Mother Telegram Technology, however, has an earlier history of creation and formation (in detail in the company History section).
Since January 2017, the company has been working professionally and quite successfully with Bitcoin ATM operators. 2018 has been manufacturing their own brands of cryptomatic, production takes place in Austria. Cryptomats on the most powerful and modern equipment that support the exchange of all major altcoins, as well as perform the role of stores for entire retail chains. Recently, Mother Telegram Technology is engaged not only in the exchange of electronic gold for itself, but also rents cryptomats from around the world for rent, and also provides an opportunity to start without investment. Customers can choose the location and profitability of the leased terminal, calculate its profitability, payback period, size and volume of net profit.

Since may of this year, the company has been steadily increasing its own base of terminals, gaining momentum, launching Beta Mother Wallet in telegram messenger.
In the world of profitable cryptocurrency programs at the moment, there is hardly a better offer for earnings. And it's not just that Mother Telegram Technology is its own telegram platform, decent interest rates, acceptable terms, etc. it's about stability and reliability, which we demonstrate, which we are proud of, which we offer to our partners.

Company profile

Mother Telegram Technology has been steadily developing, demonstrating medium-high rates of profit growth since its Foundation. The main goal is to increase the total number of terminals, competitiveness and efficiency. Achievements of Mother Telegram Technology
* Platform created in conjunction with Telegram.
• The most reliable telegram wallet.
* Arbitrage revenue system within Telegram network.
* Conclusion of profitable contracts with terminal operators in more than 25 countries.
* Create your own terminal software. The introduction of innovative business models for cryptomatic, their functionality is very broad and allows you to cover the outlets and the casino.
* High interest rates on terminal rentals for our tenants.

Mother Telegram Technology is an excellent rental interest, the lowest prices for the cost of terminals, as well as an interesting and profitable affiliate program.

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