About us

We are working with the latest technologies and algorithms in a crucial moment.
When other companies are going bankrupt and closed, we are going forward and expanding.
Development and implementation of crypto currency depends on everyone, including us.

Mother Telegram Technology – the future that is already here

History of the Company

In 2008 the Bitcoin Protocol was created

In 2013, MTT started arbitrage and mining activities.

The history of the development and formation of the bitcoin system is amazing. Starting with a few dollars in 2009, this currency has grown in 2013 to 1000 dollars per bitcoin. It was then, after carefully analyzing the situation with the exchange rate of bitcoin and Alt-currencies, thoroughly studying the topic, we realized that this niche, despite the fact that all massively rushed to extract bitcoins, is promising and far leading.
There was no money to establish a large farm of your own to quickly recoup the costs, so the activities of the company Mother Telegram Technology began with personal mining on several video cards, which in 2013 were still paying off, as well as attracting partners who invested in the purchase of equipment. Gradually, this tactic led to the fact that the equipment paid off, there was additional capital to buy ASICs, because mining on video cards was not so profitable. Old equipment was sold, new equipment was purchased, and the idea of creating a real production matured.
And now, in February 2018, there was a very suitable case for creating your own Bitcoin ATM enterprise.
It was then that the CEO of Mother Telegram Technology Ralf MILES entered into an agreement to acquire one of the production facilities in Austria in his name by leasing with the right to buy. When signing the contract, 50% of the cost was paid, the remaining amount must be paid within 24 months until February 2020. The right to operate and other equipment of the center passed in may 2019 to Ralf MILES.
Powerful terminals allow you to exchange for different algorithms: BTC,ETH, MTT,TRON ,and others

For Mother Telegram Technology - this was the beginning of a new stage. The company was officially registered in August 2019 in the UK. Mother Telegram Technology is an honest and open business on a completely legal basis around the world, it is the maximum legal protection of our tenant customers and a good income for everyone. We offer really favorable conditions in the field of providing terminals for rent, high interest monthly rates with minimal maintenance costs and payment of advertising resources involved. In the future, the company Mother Telegram Technology - the implementation of coins on the TON Protocol called MTT, increasing competitiveness, increasing profitability, as well as taking a strong leading position in the field of Telegram cryptocurrency exchange and reliable storage.

The Company Today

Mother Telegram Technology is an English company engaged in the production and leasing of bitcoin terminals and its rapidly developing alternatives: Telegram wallet and exchange office in the most secure messenger. Production activities are carried out in Austria.

Mother Telegram Technology company today has the most powerful industrial and private equipment for successful and productive work in the field of bitcoin terminals. We have excellent communication with operators: we work at the moment in the countries: Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Albania, England, America, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Montenegro, Spain and others. The management of our company-basically, the guys who stood at the origins of the creation, its first investors. These are real experts in their field, who took their places in the company. Service personnel-partly people working under the previous owner (engineers, technicians), partly-new employees (security service). Since the start of production, we have worked for ourselves in Austria. With the official registration in August, new horizons and opportunities opened for us. Now, with a strong private database of cryptomatic, we simultaneously hand over the terminal to rent. I would like to note that for our clients we have very loyal prices for renting cryptomats, we offer very good interest payments on bitcoin ATM, we provide legal and economic guarantees. Mother Telegram Technology is a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership for both parties.

Today, the company is on the way to expansion: new bitcoin ATMs are being created in order to increase competitiveness and improve income indicators in such a low-competitive zone.

Bitcoin ATM Today
From an economic point of view, at this stage, bitcoin ATM exclusively for itself is a rather difficult occupation. Renting bitcoin ATMs+trading for yourself is the best option. In this case, the profit of Mother Telegram Technology does not depend on the imbalance and dynamics of the bitcoin exchange rate.
After all, the cost of bitcoin ATMs is fixed, and the amount in the end not only fully covers the costs of Mother Telegram Technology for other expenses, but also allows you to receive good dividends

Company equipment today:
Equipment based on innovative chips produced by OrderBob & Lamassu.
Orberbob is now in America.
The first cryptomat was installed in Salzburg, Austria.
New Releases:

Now Mother Telegram Technology stands firmly on the feet and is looking with confidence into the future. After all, Bitcoin as the internet, will never be canceled or denied. It is the future!

Telegram Bot Mother Wallet


Mother Telegram Technology is a professional team of developers who have long worked on combining the technology of Telegram protection and cryptocurrency storage. The platform itself, created under the name MTT, is based on an improved blockchain. Here, hacks are minimized, and the best specialists of the Telegram platform work on the code.


Today, one of the main goals of hackers is to hack cryptocurrency wallets, especially bitcoin. This is due to the high cost and good liquidity of tokens. In addition to regularly hacked smart contracts or frankly fraudulent Scam projects, some hackers are aimed at hacking cryptocurrency wallets. < br>their storage is fraught with such risks:
⦁ Loss of data input to crypto.
⦁ Stealing information related to your account. < br> ВЗ Hacking of the server itself, which stores information on cryptocurrencies. < br>Hacker attacks regularly take place and sooner or later loopholes are discovered, due to which hacking occurs. < br>Telegram is one of the most reliable sites, hacking which is reduced to zero chance. Developers work day and night to promote new security technologies, ensuring security at all levels
How do our servers work? Management and management of Mother Telegram Technology servers is carried out by specialists of our center. They developed their own algorithm for scanning and extracting information about each of the participants of the system and monitoring ongoing transactions. Daily arbitrage chooses the most favorable conditions and connects to the work of MTT assets. The distribution of income and transfer of profits to the account of Mother Telegram Technology takes place between the agent (transaction operator), the investor and the trading platform. The company's system automatically charges the tenant the profit that was realized during the trading period from Mon-Fri, only the real values from the data (Blockchain)


What do you need to start making money on the arbitrage Bot Mother Wallet?
Email our bot @Motherwalletbot and run it. Log in and transfer your data to your personal storage. So your attachments will not be lost, and you will have access to them.

What cryptocurrencies does it work with? Bitcoin, Tron, BIP (Minter Network), BCC,MTTCoin,Ton,Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular tokens. The expansion is made gradually, based on the needs of our users.

Mother Telegram Technology ATM

Mother Telegram Technology leases 7 terminals with different revenue option. Depending on the leased terminal, in which location it is located and the profit changes, the lowest rates begin in Europe from 5% Commission for the operation, the maximum interest we charge in America in new York-the rate of 16% of the exchange rate LakeBtc, on average +20% of the rate Binance. The advantage of the terminals is that after each user's operation, Bitcoin is bought off at the market rate in the Delta from minus one to three percent, depending on the conditions of OTC providers at the moment. At the time when the user has made $ 5000 to the crypto currency to buy bitcoin, while paying a Commission, our terminal made an operation to redeem BTC for USDT without losing the Commission on transfers to BTC and volatility of the rate Rent lasts a certain period: from one year to three years. After the end of the lease term, interest accrual to your personal account will be stopped.
Renting terminals of our company is a very good opportunity for everyone not only to learn more about the world trends in bitcoin and blockchain, but, above all, it is a high income for you.
The management of Mother Telegram Technology has developed a clear scheme, according to which each tenant is paid daily interest on the sublease of the selected crypto-Bank. In turn, we charge a Commission, Sat, All-days when our company earns. At the same time, the tenant's income is equal to the reliable indicators of income. Payments are made in dollars. In the bot in BTC.
We do not force our clients to play roulette with the rate – we pay in dollars on the site, leaving games with cryptocurrency volatility to experienced traders in our bot @motherwalletbot