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Technical working aspects
How does arbitrage work in Telegram Bot?

Arbitrage @motherwalletbot

In arbitrage trading mode, you can earn from 15% to 25% per month depending on the number of transactions and turnover of the cryptocurrency trading market.
You will need to adjust the trading spread (the difference in%) between the bitcoin rate and your profit. If you specify 1% you will receive from 1 transaction 101% of the current balance at the rate in BTC.
In the bot, you can always buy bitcoin at a market rate of +3%, there are many buyers, the task of agents is to convert the difference at the time of the transaction by purchasing from another supplier with retail from 4 to 15%, and distribute the profit between the investor-agent-service. The minimum threshold for opening a bot is 0.25 BTC
We recommend that you specify the payment system to receive funds - Bitcoin, if you want a single one-time transaction then specify the system where you would like to receive funds



Renting terminals is the production of bitcoins and Fiat commissions. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because the reward is the result of a successful transaction. Simply put, the audience in bitcoin is very quickly gaining momentum in any market situation that is beneficial to our company. If earlier only large companies or a group of persons could be engaged in terminals, at the moment everyone can rent cryptomats profitably.
The payback of the equipment takes about 3-6 months depending on its quality and the advertising company of the cryptomat.
Due to the growing popularity of bitcoin in 2018-2019, the payback period decreased to 2-4 months. This is without taking into account the growth rate of bitcoin